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camping rates

*Prices are subject to change

Large & Water Sites

#1-6 & #23-#36               $65.00


River Sites 

#7-#22                             $62.00



#43-#45 & #51-56           $65.00


Large back in 

#57-60                             $65.00

50 AMP sites

#46-50                             $70.00

All sites have full hook-ups

Tent Only Sites 

#81 & #82                          $48.00

Tent sites have water only

rv camping

tent camping

Camping Fees are based on 4 people and 1 car per site, per nite.

Extra Car (Max. of 1 per site, per nite)--------$7.00

Extra People (Max. of 4 per site, per nite)---$5.00

Dogs (per nite)-------------------------------------$3.00

Day Use, 1 Car and 4 People---------------------$15.00

Day Use, Additional person----------------------$5.00

Day Use, Dogs (per dog)------------------------$3.00


Check-In time is 3:00 PM. Check-Out time is 2:00 PM.

Check out for Day use is 7:00PM

Campers checking in earlier than 3:00PM will be required to pay a DAY USE fee of $15.00. Checking in before 10:00 AM will result in being charged for an additional night.  

Campers checking out after 2:00PM will be required to pay a DAY USE fee of $15.00.

Campers who fail to check in by 12PM the following day of their arrival date will be charged a $20.00 fee.

Campers arriving before 10:00 AM will be charged for the previous night. 

If you are not out of your site by check out time (2PM) your credit card on file will be charged the Day Use fee of $15.00. 




There is no internet service or cell reception in the Little Town of Washington.  You must go 3 miles up Washington Road to receive cell service, to what the locals call the "Washington Phone Booth".

River Rest Resort assumes no liability for the welfare and safety of persons swimming in the river. Swim at your own risk! Please do not swim during winter and spring run-off. Currents are stronger at the bottom of the river and can sometimes appear safe when it is not. Follow safety guideline signs posted. 



30/14 day policy

100% refund (minus service fee) if you cancel at least 30 days before check-in.

50% refund (minus service fee) if you cancel at least 14 days before check-in. Partial cancellations under the 30 days are not subject to a 50% refund.

  • No refund if you cancel less than 14 days.

  • Any reservation made less than 30 days away must be cancelled within 24 hrs of making the reservation.

  • All Cancellations must be done through email to so we both have verification.

  • In order to treat everyone equally, we do not make exceptions to this policy if you experience an unforeseen reason for not visiting (e.g. weather, smoke, illness, breakdowns etc.). It is strongly suggested you protect your trip with travel insurance. Please consider travel insurance if you will need to recoup your reservation fees in the event of a last-minute cancellation.

  • If you fail to cancel your reservation and have not arrived by 3 PM the following day after your scheduled arrival date, your reservation will be cancelled automatically with no refund.

  • No refunds are given for an early departure. 

River Rest Resort accepts NO responsibility for the following situations:


PG&E Power Safety Shutoffs Red Flag Warnings:

Due to PG&E’s new policy of power safety shut offs during Red Flag warning weather, we take no responsibility for there being no power to your site. We will not issue any refunds for this. 


Tahoe National Forest Closures:

Due to extreme fires the Tahoe National Forest can be shut down. We take no responsibility for Forest and Trail closures and not being able to access trails in the Tahoe National Forest during closures. For information on closures please visit 


Fires and Air Quality:

Due to extreme fires we can at times experience poor air quality. We take no responsibility for poor air quality/smoke. For air quality information please visit


Rain and Winter Weather Conditions: 

For reservations during Fall, Winter and Spring months please check road conditions before heading to River Rest Resort by calling 1-800-427-ROAD and checking highway 20 or by visiting There will be NO refunds for rainy weather.



This is a family park, not a party ground

Camping, Gold panning, Hiking, Motorcycles, ATV's, Swimming

For more information call 530-265-4306

Email us at: 


Two night minimum on weekends, Three night minimum on Holiday weekends.



There is a 911 phone located to the left of the office door.  Then contact Park Security for further assistance. Camp Hosts are in

site #18. You may also access camp hosts on the RING doorbell next to the office door. If any violation of rules occurs or you are having problems with another camper, please report to the office or Campsite #18.



  • Quiet hours are strictly enforced: 10 PM to 8 AM. For the welfare of all campers, please no loud stereos at any time. All music levels must be kept to your own campsite, NO MUSIC 10PM-8AM.  NO EXPLICIT LYRICS ARE ALLOWED. Be considerate, not everyone shares the same musical interests. People come here to relax and enjoy the river, not to hear your music.

  • Speed limit is 5 mph in the park.  Beware of small children at all times. Off-street ATV’s may not be ridden around the park, entry and exit only. All bicycles and battery operated vehicles for kids must also obey the 5 MPH rule.

  • The new RC (Remote Control) tracks are for people with RC cars and not for climbing on or riding bicycles. If you or your children are caught climbing or riding bicycles on the tracks you will be asked to leave with no refund. PLEASE INFORM AND SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN.

  • Friendly pets are welcome but must be on a leash that stays in your hand, and are not to be left unattended and barking in your site. If your pet is unattended, not on a leash, or aggressive you will be asked to remove your pet from the park. NO REFUNDS will be issued. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BEACH BETWEEN sites #24-25 at any time. If your dog is on the beach between sites 24-25 you will be asked to remove your dog from the park and NO REFUND will be issued. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet. The dog beach is located between sites #10-11. Be aware that we have town dogs who like to wander down to the park at times. Please let us know if you see one of these dogs off leash and we will deal with it accordingly.  

  • Do not vandalize or carve any trees, rocks, signs, tables, facilities. Absolutely NO GRAFFITI!!!!

  • Fires are only permitted in the BBQ/fire ring, and are not to be too large. No bonfires.  

  • Please keep a clean campsite. Dispose of all litter in the trash cans and recycle bins.

  • Absolutely No fireworks or firearms/weapons are permitted in the park. This includes BB guns, pellet guns, slingshots, bows and arrows, etc.

  • Swimming is allowed anywhere on the river. However, please be mindful of private properties on the river and do not trespass. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AND ALL SWIMMERS AT RIVER REST RESORT SWIM AT THEIR OWN RISK. NO SWIMMING AFTER DARK.

  • Please remove any trash, clothing, towels, rafts, and chairs before leaving the beaches for the day. Pop-ups are allowed to be left erected overnight. Any items left will be collected and put at the beach entrance each night. If you do not collect your belongings by noon they will be thrown away. 

  • No fishing is allowed between campsites #5- 31 or in swim hole areas, please go up or down river. 

  • Gold mining is limited to “Pans and Hands” as per California state law, and only in designated areas. No highbankers or dredges allowed. Please beware of private mining claim signs. 

  • Children’s park and ping-pong hours are from 8 AM – 10 PM. Please make sure everyone is in sites by 10 PM. 

  • We are in the Tahoe National Forest, so please be aware that we do experience bears in camp. Please do your best to keep trash after the 2 pm collection contained until morning. Lock up your food/ice chests in vehicles or trailers. 


We are pleased to have you as our guest. If rules are not honored and you are asked to leave there will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED.



River Rest Resort has a policy that requires every camper to provide either a Visa/Mastercard upon check in.  If damage is done, your card will be charged.  You will be notified of charges.

The following is a list if chargeable offenses:

A.  DO NOT burn anything but wood in the fire pits. This means NO garbage, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, food, etc.  DO        NOT move BBQ/fire rings. If you pull out the BBQ/fire ring the charge will be $100.00. If you bring your own wood it must          be no longer than 24 inches. Do not leave wood or the debris in the campsite. If we have to remove any debris

     besides firewood it will result in a charge of $10.00.

B.  DO NOT leave trash and debris in your site.  This means NO cigarette butts, bottle caps, small scraps of paper, sunflower          seed shells, etc.  Use garbage and recycling cans.  Fee for cleaning your site will be $25.00.

C.  DO NOT tie your dogs to the water faucet pipes.  If you break a water faucet, minimum charge is $50.00.

D.  DO NOT removed picnic tables from your site.  If you or someone in your party removes the picnic table or brings another          one to your site, the charge will be $10.00.  If you group your picnic tables together, put them back and make sure the right        number is on the table for the right site.  Damaging the picnic tables will be a $300.00 charge.

E.  DO NOT abuse or vandalize your site or any other site in anyway, and do not hammer anything into the trees such as


F.   Any guest that is not checked in by 12pm the following day of their arrival date of their reservation will be charged a $20.00 


If your site has anything wrong with it when you arrive please let us know so that you do not have any charges when you leave.  


We have an awesome privilege of being able to access the trails and fire roads from our campground. In order to keep that privilege we ask you to follow a few rules:


1.   IN AND OUT OF CAMP ONLY!!! No riding around camp due to insurance policy. In and out means you leave for a ride and come back, not riding up the hill and back down. 

2.   Be respectful to other campers, warm up and go out as quietly as possible, 5 mph which means: DO NOT REV YOUR BIKE OR ATV IN CAMP! This is a campground, not a race/staging area.

3.   15 MPH though town, please be respectful, no revving in town, use a steady throttle.

4.   When you are 2 miles out of town, ride normal.  Signs are posted stating when you get to the end of the 15 MPH areas.  

5.   Do your part: Teach your kids a steady throttle hand.

6.   Stay on established roads and trails only. Stay out of grasslands, meadows, wetlands and sensitive areas. No riding up or down embankments in the campground. 

8.   Children under the age of 16 or without a driver's license must be accompanied by an adult over 25 years of age, even on golf carts. 

8.   Respect the campground, stay on roads while entering and exiting as quietly as you can.  Do not go up banks in the campground or ride through empty campsites. Stay on the roads.

9. If you go to the bar and come back after 10 PM, which is quiet, time you must turn off your vehicles and coast in. If you can't coast in, then leave your vehicle at the Post Office and get it in the morning.

10. 1 person to a quad, unless you have a legal 2 seater.  All riders of motorcycles, quads, razors, rhinos, and side-by-sides must have helmets on and your seatbelt fastened or you will get a ticket.

11. Tickets will be given when riding through town if you are speeding, revving your engines, no helmets, riding 2 on a quad and children without driver's licenses without an adult of 25 years or older with them.

12. ABSOLUTELY NO NIGHT RIDING, even just to the bar!

13. All Side-by-sides must carry a fire extinguisher when riding out on the trails. 

Not following these simple rules of common courtesy or town speed limit will terminate your contract and you will be asked to leave without any refunds. If these rules are not shared with your entire Riding party and there is a violation of these rules you will be asked to leave, NO EXCEPTIONS! This is your warning. And please for the love of all that is good WEAR YOUR HELMET!





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